Skyriders completed projects

Mutual Heights

Date completed: February 2018
Contract duration: 18 months

Skyriders first became involved at Mutual Heights in 2009 when asked to do inspection reports on the condition of the exterior façade. The building was experiencing widespread water ingress through the walls. Skyriders was given the task of establishing the source of the leaks and preparing specifications for repairs. Skyriders produced various inspections and reports over the next 8 years to assist in on-going legal proceedings with the developer. These reports became crucial evidence which lead the developer to settle the claim.

Old Mutual Head Office, as it was known, was built in 1939/40 when it was the highest building in the southern hemisphere. It is constructed of Cape Granite blocks and now has significant heritage value. Thus all repairs require dedicated care and attention to detail to match the magnificence of this building.

Works included:

  • Angle grinding and replacing 38000 meters of pointing between the blocks;
  • replacement of the window flashings;
  • sealing glass to frame junctions;
  • waterproofing of balconies;
  • reconstruction and waterproofing to the window heads;
  • replacement of steel window mullions;
  • corrosion treatment and coatings

Mutual Heights

Milton Manor

Milton Manor

Date completed: Aug 2018
Contract duration: 5 months

Condition before redecoration:
Existing paint layers badly peeling
Large cracks in walls and major spalling to plaster bands
Water ingress through existing coating
Water penetration through window frame and wall union

Full High pressure clean to entire building (non potable water supplier)
Prominent paint specification on preparation and painting

Access constraints:
Security issue as easy access into the property –scaffolding not allowed

45 Buitengracht st

Date completed: November 2016
Contract duration: 3 months

Condition before redecoration:
Exsiting paint layers badly peeling
Large cracks in walls
Major delaminating plaster
Water ingress through exsiting coating
Water penetration through window frame and wall union

Full High pressure clean to plaster substrate to back & side of building,

Full High pressure clean to remove salt & dirt deposits to the face brick facades.
Apply 1 full coat of Midas primer to walls.

Apply 2 full coats of Midalux 240 paint to plastered & face brick walls.

45 Buitengracht Street

Projects completed over the years

Redecoration of apartment and office blocks

Our core business is redecoration of apartment and office blocks including many projects in steel corrosion preventive coating. Skyriders success hinges on its constant and vigilant emphasis on quality supervision based service combined with an impeccable safety record.


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